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Colton Underwood: 25 Facts

Posted on January 31 2019

1. On The Bachelor, it was the first time I had to wear underwear. For the record, I prefer briefs.

3. I can’t touch my toes when I stretch, but I can touch my tongue to my nose.

4. Before this last year, the longest flight I’d been on was from Los Angeles to New York. Thanks to this journey, I’ve been [to and from Singapore] on one of the longest flights in the world: 16 hours and approximately 1,456 tiny peanut bags!

5. When I go to new restaurants, I ask the waiter to surprise me with his favorite dish. So far, I have no regrets!

6. My favorite afternoons are playing cards with my Nana and Poppa – and somehow Nana always wins.

7. I’m a creamy peanut butter kind of guy – don’t @ me.

8. Home-improvement shows are my guilty pleasure. I’m obsessed, and I can’t wait to renovate a future home.

9. I love taking bold [fashion] risks (and on occasion making terrible mistakes).

10. Kombucha is something I buy in bulk.

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11. Most people think I grew up in Denver, but I actually grew up in a small town in Illinois. It really shaped me as the man I am today.

12. My second-favorite animals (after dogs) are sloths. To my delight, one showed up at the mansion the first night!

13. My childhood home was previously an old hospital. I’m convinced to this day it’s haunted.

14. When I went on Bachelor in Paradise, my second “checked bag” was an air-conditioning unit.

15. My greatest fear is heights.

16. My first meal after traveling back to the United States was Chipotle. And yes, of course I pay extra for guac because it’s important to spoil yourself.

17. The Underwood family owns horses and now a mini pony. Their names are Cinnamon, Fireball and Wrigley.

18. My favorite celebrity chef is Guy Fieri. I’d love to cook with him one day!

19. For being a former football player, I don’t actually follow the game very closely anymore.

20. This journey has given me the travel bug. I’m hoping to plan a family trip to Australia this year.

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21. When it comes to movies, if it’s a classic or award-winner, I promise I’ve never seen it. But if it’s anything superhero-related, I’ve probably watched it 100 times.

22. Jennifer Aniston is my celebrity crush. I hear she’s a fan of the show. Hi, Jen!

23. If I had a superpower it would be to teleport. The idea of seeing the world in one day is exciting, but the thought of not checking bags almost moves me to tears.

24. I have a horrible sense of direction. I could get lost a mile away from my house.

25. In college, my nickname was “Disney” because they said I was rated G. Maybe as the Bachelor I can bump up to PG-13 status.

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Credit: US Weekly writer Sophie Dweck


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