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We will do our best to respond within 24hrs (m-f)

**If you're contacting us because of a missing package, please read below.

- Once a package leaves our warehouse it's out of our hands and up to the shipper to fulfill their job.

- If the tracking number stats the package has been delivered, we must file a claim with the shipper and wait 1-2 weeks until the issue has been resolved.

- We will do our best to help you retrieve your package (Within 30 days of your order). 

- Please check with your neighbors, local post office/officer.

- Unfortunately, there is a lot of fraudulent activity where people stat they didn't receive their package when they actually did. We must follow these steps in order to eliminate fraud. We wish we could simply issue you out another package, and we do trust that everyone who emails us is being honest, but the truth is, not everyone is. We truly appreciate everyone's support and hope this policy is understandable. 


Much Love, 





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